I have been painting all my life.  I am inspired by nature, and my dreams.  I grew up in California and my family was always out in the desert camping and hiking...there is real beauty in the deserts of California, Nevada and Arizona.  I am also very influenced by design and interior decor. 

I love abstract and painted in that style for 20 years. I like to call my work abstract surrealism, for me painting is a release of emotion.  It allows me to express myself with shape, color, and composition.  My more recent paintings are surreal in nature, my interest is painting my dreams and day dreams has been very satisfying.  I am becoming more and more interested in painting the gulf coast of Mississippi where i now reside.    I  hope it will give the viewer a moment to pause and think, and possibly it will evoke an emotion or a thought.  Like most artists, i assume, the greatest compliment is when someone takes one of my pieces home.  

 Alicia Overton